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Welcome to Lee's Targets

Your #1 choice for practical shooting targets.

CHL Targets out of Houston TX has targets' and 'donlee5off will get you 5% off on all cardboard targets

Welcome to Lee’s Targets. Having participated in USPSA and similar style matches for nearly 25 years I have learned what competitors and match officials want. You desire top quality products at very competitive prices.  Our targets are fully licensed and approved for all levels of competition.

In addition, because shipping represents a significant portion of your total target cost, we are in the central United States and therefore provide very competitive shipping rates as compared to others located either coast. 
All of our targets are manufactured locally, and therefore we are able to constantly monitor the quality to ensure they meet our (and your) rigid standards. I dare you to find anyone with a similar quality at a lower price.

Lee’s Targets is licensed dealer for the following websites. We have the ability to offer any product found through their catalogues or websites below. You may click the logo to browse the sites below and simply send us the product name and link and we will help complete the purchase at out unique pricing. Some products carry better discounts than other.